Q&A with Harmony Curtiss, Branch Manager of Holistic Massage School Pt 2



Q – Can you tell us about the cost of the Programs and the Payment Plans offered to students at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health?

A – Sure, the Massage Therapy Program (MT) costs $4,950.00 and the Holistic Health Practitioner Program (HHP) costs $9,900.00.  Three payment plans are offered for both Programs.  They are based on the student’s status as a Part-time, Accelerated part-time, or Full-time Attendee.  Students considered part-time (taking 1 class) would pay $350 a month, those considered accelerated part-time (2 classes) would pay $550 a month, and those attending full-time (3 classes) would pay $750 a month.  Most students prefer the $550 a month payment-plan which allows them to graduate from the Massage Therapy Program in nine months and the Holistic Health Practitioner Program in just a year and a half.

Q– In addition to Healing Hands’ Payment Plans, what other financial options are available to the student?

A – There are shutterstock_33614956several, but the most common is Federal Financial Aid.  Students eligible for Federal Financial Aid must enroll in our 1,000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner Program, attend school full-time, and complete their Program within one year of enrollment.   The amount of funding a student qualifies for is based on their income from the prior year.  Many students qualify for full funding and receive more than enough money to cover the cost of their education, books, massage table, equipment and a portion of their housing expenses.   To find out if you qualify go online to our Government’s website: www.fafsa.ed.gov and apply for Financial Student Aid and include our school code: # 041417 on your application form.  Both student and school will receive a written response, sometimes within just a few days!  Once notified, our office will schedule a meeting to help you understand what portion of the funds being offered are “Grants” you don’t pay-back and which are loans; so you can make an informed decision.

There is another financial option available to Veterans, and in some cases their spouses or children.  I’m talking about Veterans’ Benefits.  In recent years we’ve seen a rise in enrollment from Veterans who want to provide Massage to fellow Veterans suffering with both the physical and emotional impact of war.    Because HHSHH is approved by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education, we are authorized to process Veterans Benefits including those from Title IX, Post 911, VRAP, and Chapters 30, 33, and 35.  Interested Veterans may their VA Benefit Authorization form to either of our offices to start the enrollment process.shutterstock_103028039

Another popular financial option is funding through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).    WIA funding is made available to people who are unemployed.  You do NOT have to be receiving unemployment, you just need to be unemployed.  You must apply for the California Training Benefits Program, once you qualify for that you are able participate in the WIA.  With Massage Therapy considered an “In-Demand” profession, HHSHH is listed on the government’s Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Eligible Training Providers List.  With starting salaries in Massage Therapy ranging from $25 to $40 an hour, we are seeing a steady rise in enrollment by WIA clients.  Students interested in applying for WIA funding can find out more on our website.


Lastly, on occasion we do accommodate other types of Special Funding such as private grants, scholarships or Corporate Employee Benefits to name a few.  Any questions regarding Special Funding  should be directed to me, Harmony Curtiss, Director of Special Funding at 949 305-2722 in Laguna Hills.

Go here for more information: http://healinghandsschool.com/new-students/special-funding-aid/

Q&A with Harmony Curtiss, Branch Manager of Laguna Hills Holistic Massage School

This is the 1st of a 3 part series of questions about Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.  The questions are answered by Harmony Curtiss, Branch Manager in the Laguna Hills location


Q – Tell us about Healing Hands School of Holistic Health’s (HHSHH) history and faculty?

A – The school started in 1992 when Paula and Neha Curtiss designed and taught the first 100 hour Massage Technician course [now called ‘Circulatory’] at MiraCosta Community College in Oceanside.  It was the first massage course to be offered at any community college in the state of California. The course was immediately successful and Paula and Neha soon developed and taught the curriculum for the Healing Hands 500 hour Massage Therapy program.  Healing Hands School then expanded to offer a 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner program and began seeking Instructors who specialize in the courses they teach. For example, our Hot-stone Massage teacher has done thousands of hours of Hot-stone Massage.  Our Structural Integration (SI) teacher has also done thousands of hours of SI and is held in high regard for his expertise in this form of body-work.  The truth is, our faculty really cares about what they teach and are supported and guided in their efforts by Paula & Neha whose desire is to help them become the best possible mentors for our students.  At Healing Hands the students benefit from their instructors work-experience, compassion and insight as well as their knowledge and skills.  Today, the school employs close to 20 Instructors and staff and offers nearly 2000 hours of specialized courses in Massage Therapy and adjunct Holistic therapies.  SONY DSC

Q – Tell us about the school’s student demographics?

A – We have two locations and the demographics in Escondido are different from those in Laguna Hills. In Laguna Hills most are in their 20’s and 30’s  and are paying out of pocket for their education, meaning they are not receiving any type of financial student aid or special funding.  Students who enroll at Laguna Hills have usually explored a few of the 12 schools within a 20 mile radius of us, but choose HH for our reputation, affordable rates, and ability to tailor their program to the area of specialty they wish to pursue;  something most other schools don’t offer.  In Escondido the ages are similar, and while some students pay out of pocket, we also have those receiving Federal Funds such as Financial Student Aid, Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding or Veteran’s Benefits. The demographics of our classrooms also influences where we provide Community Service.   In Escondido we work more closely with Veterans and provide Community Service at Wounded Warrior Clinics and Veterans Hospitals.  In Laguna Hills, our Community Service students work at area Nursing Homes, Chiropractic Offices and Rehab Centers. Students also choose Healing Hands because of our students’ reputation with employers. We receive approximately 4-10 notices seeking our graduates A WEEK! Many more jobs come in to our office than we can fill, which means that our graduates have many job opportunities awaiting them.

Q – What Programs does the school offer?

A – Two main programs, Massage Therapy Program (MTP) of 500 hours, and the Holistic Health Practitioner Program (HHP) of 1000 hours.  The HHP Program includes the MTP program and both enable the graduate to become licensed to open their own practice or work at a Spa, Gym or anywhere Massage is offered.  The difference is the HHP practitioner often earns a higher salary because they can offer their clients more adjunct therapies. 

shutterstock_126578399Q – Do students have to commit to a program of study or can they take individual classes?

A – No commitment to a program is necessary.  We have students who come to us for a specific class, like Reiki or Herbal Studies, because it is something of special interest to them.  Others might like to take a Program, but have very busy lives, and can only take classes once or twice a year.  Some students choose to take just one class to “test the waters” and see if a career in Massage Therapy or Holistic Health is right for them.  We welcome all students and allow enrollment to any class that does not have a pre-requisite.  The benefit to enrolling in a Program is that it gives the student a discounted rate on all classes making it more cost effective.  To accommodate the undecided student, we allow those who take the basic Circulatory Massage course of 100 hours and wish to continue, to roll course hours and their initial investment into the 500 or 1000 hour Programs.