Holistic Massage School Offering Classes on Natural Healing

In 1946, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined “health” as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Practitioners of Holistic Health later expanded this definition to include the spiritual element, as they believe all four aspects of a person’s life must be considered when assessing their overall well-being.  Holistic Practitioners believe health is our most natural state of being and the ultimate aim of any natural healing system, such as Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Homeopathy or Naturopathy.Spiritual Well being

Each of these natural healing systems date back several centuries and has an established tradition of use, widespread acceptance, and an impressive amount of clinical research data behind them. During the past twenty years the public’s awareness of the limitations of Western Medicine has prompted a resurgence of interest in the more Holistic, natural approaches.  To accommodate this growing interest, Paula and Neha Curtiss, Founding Directors of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, added three popular natural healing courses to the school’s curriculum.  Below is a brief introduction to these courses and a summary of what students can expect to learn in each.

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that uses essential oils from plants to positively affect an individual’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being.   Essential oils are highly concentrated substances.  For example, it would take 5,000 roses to make just 1 teaspoon of oil!  For this reason they should be treated with respect and used sparingly.  In fact, large doses of many essential oils can become irritating to the skin, and a few are quite toxic if not used correctly.  The course taught at Healing Hands School explores how 30 different essential oils can affect us on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Class discussions will include the history of Aromatherapy; intrinsic oil qualities; extraction and blending techniques; plus safe and effective consulting practices that are in accordance with high ethical standards. Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on experience students learn how to formulate and use essential oil blends to treat a variety of disorders and stress-related problems for their clients.Herbal plants

Herbalism – The most widespread of all forms of medicine across the globe, Herbalism is the study and use of plants for food and medicinal purposes.   Many of the herbs found in gardens today have been used by herbalists for over two thousand years!  Even today, roughly 80 % of the world’s population still relies on herbal medicine for their health needs.  The Herbal Studies and Applications class offered at Healing Hands School is composed of two, 50-hour educational modules. Each module is divided into segments that include lecture, the production of herbal preparations, and ecologically-based field work with special focus on locally grown medicinal plants. Students visit a natural preserve where they explore the diverse eco-systems and native plants of Southern California. They will also review the organs and systems of the body, and learn which herbs can most benefit each system. By the end of this course students will be familiar with many traditional uses for medicinal plants and will develop their own herbal apothecary (medicine cabinet) to treat many common medical conditions.

Homeopathy – Homeopathy, or homeopathic medicine, is a philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are made from a number of substances, plant, animal or mineral, and are diluted in a special manner with the aim of stimulating the body’s natural healing responses.  Founded in Germany during the late 1700s, Homeopathy has been widely practiced throughout India and Europe for centuries. The Homeopathy course offered at Healing Hands School educates the student about safe and effective Homeopathic remedies they can use to deal with the shock and trauma of many medical emergencies. Students will learn how to stimulate their client’s innate healing abilities, and develop a tool-kit of Homeopathic remedies to address emergencies requiring first aid. Homeopathy is an information-packed course that will enable the student to treat nosebleeds, bruises, cuts, abrasions, sports injuries, muscle aches, cramps, fevers, insect bites, sunburn, food poisoning and other common medical emergencies.

To learn more about these Natural Healing traditions, or any of the other 80 Holistic Health courses offered at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, please visit us on-line at HealingHandsSchool.com or call us at (949) 305-2722 in Laguna Hills or at (760) 746-9364 in Escondido.

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Q&A with Harmony Curtiss, Director of Holistic Massage School

Q. – What kinds of schedules and classes are offered at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health?

A. – Healing Hands School offers daytime, evening and weekend class schedules to accommodate a variety of student’s needs.  For example, full-time students may elect a daytime schedule while individuals whose time is committed during the day, (ie: Business Professionals, Medical Practitioners, or stay-at-home Moms / Dads), may select from a wide-variety of evening and weekend classes.

As for the type of classes, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum that addresses more than 80 Holistic Health modalities and related topics.  These include the basic massage classes, such as Circulatory Massage, Anatomy and Deep Tissue therapy, to dozens of specialized courses designed to gear students toward a specific career environment or field.shutterstock_34840459

For example, Students interested in working at a Spa may choose classes such as Hot Stone massage, Aromatherapy, or Spa Techniques.  Students interested in working with Athletes or in a Physical Therapy-type setting may choose Sports Massage, Structural Integration or other modalities designed to optimize the function and repair of the body. 

We also offer medical-type classes to help students and their clients achieve and maintain holistic health. Holistic Health means a balanced body which includes well -functioning muscular and skeletal systems, adequate nutrition and exercise, and a positive mental attitude.  Healing Hands offers dozens of classes to support a healthy life-style.  These include:  Dietary Practices, Nutritional Super-foodsAcu-pressure, Geriatric Massage (elderly care), Touch for Health, Therapeutic Stretching, Herbal Remedies, and many more.

Another important group of classes we offer includes those for professional and self-development.  These classes include our Community Service/Career Development Internship/Mentorship which gives students real-world experience working at various facilities with-in our community.  We also offer a class called Massage as a Business, for those who wish to work as a solo-practitioner and classes like Effective Client Communications that benefits all students regardless of their area of specialization.


Q. – How has the Massage Industry changed in the last 20 years and what might Massage therapists expect going forward?

 A. – Thanks to new medical technologies that can measure the physiological effects of Massage, the industry has changed drastically and continues to expand into new arenas.    Once considered a high-end Spa experience for the socially elite, massage is now accepted by main-stream health-care and is offered in Hospitals, Dr.’s Offices, Chiropractic Clinics, Gyms, Corporate settings, and more.  The industry is expanding so fast the US Department of Labor predicted that “the demand for Massage Therapists will grow at a rate of 20.1% through 2020”, that’s faster than any other job segment.  Healing Hands graduates have no problem finding work.  In fact, they often have a variety of work environments to choose from.


Q. – What can one expect to earn as a Massage Therapist or Holistic Health Practitioner?

A. – You can expect to earn anywhere between $15 an hour to upwards of $80 an hour depending on the area of specialization you choose.  For example, if you work for a Spa, you may make $15 per massage plus tips, allowing you to walk away with $25 to $40 an hour – but only for the hours you’re engaged in massage.   At  a Chiropractor’s office you might earn $25 a massage, and get paid for hours you’re on-site but not working.  And, of course, you can work for yourself, and promote yourself.  Solo-practitioners can expect to earn between $60 and $80 per massage, but will not be paid for hours spent marketing and maintaining their business.  Like any career, being a successful Massage Therapist takes work. 

As a graduate walking out of Healing Hands School’s doors, you’ll be one of the highest qualified Massage Therapists around and employers will be willing and eager to hire you.  Regardless of where you work, however, it will be up to you to develop your client-base.


Q. – What distinguishes Healing Hands School of Holistic Health from other Massage Schools in the So Cal area?

A. –  Many factors distinguish Healing Hands.  The most striking are that we’ve been growing for 22 years and now offer over 1600 hours – 80 Holistic Health classes to choose from.  At Healing Hands School students are able to focus their Program hours on the classes most suited to their desired area of expertise.  Because students get to choose their areas of expertise, they truly care about their work and what they are learning – making them excellent graduates and employees when they are done with school.  Also, all Healing Hands’ Program Graduates are assured the same program rate for classes the rest of their life, making continuing education easy and affordable.   

Another huge distinction is the fact that our Instructors are each working Holistic Health advocates who specialist in their respective subjects.  Each brings years of real-world experience to the classroom and eagerly shares it with their students.  They are accessible, helpful and work with students to shape them into the best possible massage therapists. shutterstock_79505116

We get more jobs then we can possibly fill because we are well known for having outstanding therapists.  When graduates go into the field looking for work they often come back and say, ‘Wow, everyone was happy I was from Healing Hands!” or “Everyone’s said such good things about the school!  I don’t want to be to egotistical about it but – I love saying I’m a Healing Hands graduate!” Our graduates are proud of their education and it shows by the dozens of job opportunities we get from Chiropractors, clinics, spas, physical therapies, all who want our graduates to work for them.