Our Mission

A Hands-On Learning Environment – Why Our Holistic Approach Matters

At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, we believe that your training in bodywork should address your whole person. You are not just a practitioner, but also a person who must learn to take care of your own body in order to have what you need to help others. We provide a positive learning environment where you are accountable for your learning, supported by our staff and teachers.

We believe certified Massage Therapists and Holistic Health Practitioners should have a variety of bodywork modalities at their disposal. This is why we offer a solid background in circulatory and sports massage, oriental techniques, human anatomy and deep tissue manipulation.

We also believe therapists should have an understanding of the structure and function of the body and have the opportunity to fine-tune their craft with many hours of practical experience.HealingHands-thai chi_066

We strive to bring our students a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to Holistic Health. We pride ourselves in presenting a solid education at an affordable price. We are dedicated to enabling our students to realize their potential as professional healers and to providing them with an environment where they can feel secure in their learning and growth process.

Since 1992, we have trained over 6,000 Technicians, Therapists and Practitioners in San Diego and Orange County!

The History of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health

Healing Hands School of Holistic Health began on February 8, 1992 when Neha and Paula Curtiss taught the first day of our first Circulatory Massage Technician class. This was the first comprehension Massage Technician course to be offered at any Community College in the state of California. 

At that time we carried Healing Hands School around in a station wagon and the business office was at our kitchen table. While working as massage therapists, we knew we had something more to offer.

Our vision was to teach therapeutic bodywork where the massage student not only learns the techniques, but is inspired by the art and craft of the work. We understood that the student must be able to feel the work. We saw then, and now, the need for the beginner to be both the therapist and the client. We looked to our many teachers who had so generously given of themselves; we looked to the traditions of western science and to the disciplines of eastern philosophy in addressing the question: “How can we teach hands-on massage skills while engendering deep respect for the physical body and compassion for each other.”

With the faith that given a positive environment most will rise to expectations, we embarked on our dream.

Since that first day of Healing Hands School, over 6,000 students have taken the 100-hour Circulatory Massage Technician Training. We now know a variable that we had not anticipated: we’ve encountered students who not only rose to given expectations, but completely blew the mold away. We have seen our students/therapists demonstrate such deep compassion so many times that our original vision is continually renewed.

Healing Hands School has been blessed beyond the wildest dreams with a steady flow of dedicated healers. Several students continued with the community of Healing Hands by becoming part the staff, others move out into their communities to bring their vision of healing to those in need.

The last 21 years, Healing Hands has seen massage therapy grow from a very exclusive experience, to the most frequently used adjunct therapy in the United States. As our industry continues to expand, we can do well to keep our vision in mind and remember the words of the 12th century Islamic mystic, Rumi, who wrote: “The more you strive to reach the place of splendor, the more the invisible angels will help you.”