Healing Hands In Kearny Mesa

Since 1992, Healing Hands has been building a family of healers all around Southern California. As we grow and expand, we have opened multiple locations to fit the needs of our students. If you live in San Diego County, you may be familiar with our Escondido school.  For those who live in South County or near downtown, you will be glad to know that we have a convenient location in the Kearny Mesa area.

Kearny Mesa lies on the eastern part of San Diego. The San Diego UT wrote about its up and coming status earlier this year.  This suburban community is where a portion of our students call home. One of the reasons we chose to open a location here is because of the enjoyable lifestyle outside of massage therapy.

Our goal is to help students find their balance between their mind, body, and soul. Being in Kearny Mesa has given us an opportunity to guide students on a path of wellness.


We know that your commitment to classes will be a rewarding one, but it also comes with an adjustment.  If you aren’t familiar with Kearny Mesa, we wanted to give you a little insight into the neighborhood:



Located on Balboa Ave., our Kearny Mesa location of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health is in the middle of a community that is filled with activity. With restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, and shopping centers nearby, our students have easy access to anything they need before or after class. Many of our students live in the surrounding neighborhoods!


The Food

One of the amazing things about Kearny Mesa is the food.  There is no shortage for the Holistic Healer or Massage Therapist who also is quite the foodie.  

Here are some of our favorites:

If you like Asian food, you are in luck!  There are so many great options in the area including Crab Town, Tasty Noodle House, Dumpling Inn, RakiRaki Ramen, and Cross Street Chicken and Beer.

There are also some other unique favorites like Bud’s Louisiana’s Café, which offers Southern comfort food and homemade recipes that will tickle your Creole taste buds.   Another great choice is Tahini, Middle Eastern street food specialists.   

Another regular spot for locals is Quantum Brewing Company. We love this place not only for their premium drinks but for their weekly trivia night as well. Every Tuesday, groups come together for some mind-bending fun and good company.


As our youngest location, Kearny Mesa has warmingly welcomed Healing Hands into the community and has allowed us to reach an even larger amount of students. If you live in San Diego County and are interested in joining our family of healers, give us a call at: (760) 746-9364 or schedule a tour here.

Understanding Mindfulness

Healing Hands teaches every student how to recognize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.  At times, the mind can be the most challenging to balance. Mindfulness is about self-awareness and the appreciation of living in the present.

Being mindful is an important part of living a holistic life. We utilize the powerful effects of mindfulness to create balance and health within ourselves.


What it means to be a mindful person:


Setting Intentions

When you are absent from your mind, you live your life in autopilot. Mindfulness places intention on your actions. Intention differs from goals because it is about the present time. Thinking with intent is not about what you can do long term, it is about what your situation is right now.  Unlike goals, intention is rooted in reality. Whether it is in your yoga practice or at work, doing things with positive intent will improve your mental approach.

Intention helps you find a connection with your desires and your current situation. It brings your focus to what is important. This focus can help you shift your mood and accomplish tasks throughout the day with meaning.


Practice Acceptance

Throughout our day, we experience different emotions depending on our circumstances. Our reactions to these circumstances reflect our emotions and actions. Acceptance is the key to mindful living. Recognizing the emotions you feel and letting them exist, then pass, helps bring balance and clarity.

This type of thinking decreases stress, anxiety, and distractions while improving intuition, cognitive flexibility, and memory. When we let our emotions go, we find ourselves to be happier and more compassionate.


Mindfulness At Healing Hands

We believe that healthy living requires a holistic approach. We incorporate mindfulness in our teaching so students can learn how they can utilize it in their careers. Our Spiritual Healing course supplies students with tools and practices that bring our awareness to our energetic system and the guidance and information that is offered there. Other classes like Chakra Balancing also train students how to use mindful practices to balance the body’s energy centers.

When we carry deeper peace, grace and conscious alignment with our spiritual source, our presence naturally supports healing and truth.


Our Holistic Health Practitioner Program helps equip students towards living a mindful life. This program offers classes both during the weekdays, as well as nights and weekends, to accommodate any student.  Our fall courses are beginning! Check out what classes are still available and enroll here.


Dear Students and Graduates,

California recently passed legislature, Senate Bill No. 1480, that suspends the need to pass the MBLEx, or any other Examination in order to become CAMTC Certified. This legislature came into effect on September 30th, 2018.

If you apply for CAMTC BEFORE January 1st, 2019 you will still be required to take and pass the MBLEx.

If you apply AFTER January 1st, 2019 you will not be required to pass the MBLEx.

This means, that if you have already applied for CAMTC, you HAVE TO PASS THE MBLEX. If you have NOT applied for CAMTC, you do not have to pass the MBLEx as long as you WAIT TO APPLY after January 1st, 2019.

CAMTC stands for California Massage Therapy Council

FSMTB stands for Federation State of Massage Therapy Board

FSMTB are the ones who own the MBLEx. If you applied for FSMTB to take the MBLEx, you have not applied for CAMTC.

Graduates and students who apply before January 1st, 2019 and are required to take the MBLEx, will be processed before those who wait after January 1st, 2019.

Anyone who applies after January 1st, 2021 will have to take the MBLEx. This is limited two year window.

Please note: That if you move to almost (almost!) any other state you will still need to pass the MBLEx.

Circulatory Massage

When you enroll in our Massage Therapy Program, there are a few courses that are required in order for you to receive your certification. One of these courses is Circulatory Massage, also known as Swedish massage.

The most commonly requested massage at spas, Swedish massage involves moisturizing the skin with massage oil and performing a variety of strokes to increase circulation and smooth muscle knots.


As a massage therapy student, you can expect to practice this massage quite often:


In the Classroom

Through lecture, group discussion, and supervised hands-on practice this course teaches students how to give a full body Swedish-style massage. Students will learn techniques such as gliding (Effleurage), kneading (Petrissage), and cross-fiber friction (Fanning). The technique you use will depend on the patient’s needs,  

In this class, we bring special focus to the body’s anatomy, and proper body mechanics used by massage therapy professionals. In addition to the techniques taught, students will learn “draping” techniques for assuring their client’s privacy. By the end of this course, the student will be able to deliver a full-body Swedish massage that promotes relaxation, lowers blood pressure, detoxifies the system, relieves pain and facilitates many other health benefits.


In The Workplace

The Swedish massage is the most requested massage from clients because of the wide variety of healing techniques it offers. Because it is so common, we ensure our students know how to perform this massage modality accurately and with confidence. Once graduated, students can expect to perform this type of massage in spas quite often as it relieves stress from the muscles.

In a spa setting, the massage therapist will be expected to find problems areas in the client body. Being able to identify these issues will help the therapist perform an effective massage that will give the most benefit to the client.


Our Circulatory Massage courses are available at all of our locations beginning:

Escondido: October 24th and November 8th.

Laguna Hills: October 9th and October 23rd.

San Diego: October 16th.


Enroll here: http://healinghandsschool.com/schedule-massage-therapy.php


Acupressure at Healing Hands

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine in which massage therapists stimulate the muscles in specific points of the body to heal illness and pain. Instead of using needles like acupuncture, this form of massage therapy triggers pressure points by using force from the therapist’s hands.

In order to restore the body’s natural balance, the massage therapist must apply pressure to certain points in the body.


There are two types of Acupressure offered at Healing Hands:  


Tui Na:

Our class, Tui Na, is a massage modality based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves stimulation of acupressure points to directly affect the flow and balance of “chi,” (life energy) through “meridians” or channels in the body. In this course, students learn manipulation techniques to move chi through ill and injured areas of the body where blockages tend to occur.

In this course, our students will practice specific treatments to address chronic pain, common illnesses, and disorders of the spine and joints, such as Sciatica and rotator cuff problems. Through demonstration and plenty of hands-on practice, students will master both oscillating techniques to increase energy, as well as the traditional presses and pulls characteristic of Tui Na.


Clinical Acupressure

This course offers students an in-depth study of the 72 channels of the meridian matrix system, which is believed to circulate life-force energy throughout the body. The focus of this class will be on the 12 Primary Meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure. These include specific point locations and their healing functions. Students will learn how to recognize imbalances in the meridian system and deliver appropriate treatments.

By integrating the basic principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupressure with other massage practices, students learn new tools to facilitate optimal health and wellness in their clients.


Acupressure brings many benefits to the client including emotional balancing, relief from insomnia, boosting the immune system, calming indigestion, reducing arthritic pain, and fighting colds and cases of flu. In order to complete our Massage Therapy program, all students must enroll in Tui Na: Acupressure.

Interested in taking our course in Clinical Acupressure? This course will begin October 23rd at our San Diego location. Also, our Tui Na: Acupressure class starts October 14th in Escondido. For more information on both classes, click here. Hurry, classes are filling up quickly!

Introduction to Yoga Massage

As we continue to grow our community of healers, we are always looking for new opportunities to expand the education of our students. One of the ways we accomplish this is by adding new courses for our students to take. The wide variety of classes we offer gives students the chance to specialize in the bodywork styles and modalities that best fit their interests.

One of the newest courses we are offering at Healing Hands is Yoga Massage. This type of massage therapy is a combination of yoga and Thai massage. The Yoga Massage course applies guided breathing, stretches, and postures of yoga along with the rhythmic compressions, pulls, and stretches of Thai Massage.


Understanding Yoga Massage

Thai Massage techniques enhance flexibility, energy, posture, and well-being. Yoga postures condition the body and concentrate awareness through muscular contractions and breathing. Yoga usually pits one group of muscles against the other, exerting many times the force of gravity. By combining these two modalities, the massage therapist is able to heal clients through physical touch and mental focus.

In this form of eastern therapy, the massage therapist becomes pure, gentle energy. They are the facilitator of a soft stretch, movement through breathing and the pressure of gravity. Students will learn to combine massage and yoga techniques with gentle joint mobilization as an integrated, adaptive and assisted flow.


Yoga Massage As A Therapist

On completion of the course, students should be able to incorporate, adapt and apply different massage techniques with Yoga. The course includes some massage fundamentals such as draping as well.

The Yoga Massage course teaches students how to be a guide. By assisting through stretches, postures and focused breathing, the massage therapist helps the client move towards a unique state of physical and inner balance attaining whole body awareness.

While there are plenty of massage therapy techniques to be used, Yoga Massage is quite unique. The massage therapist moves with the client to mobilize joints, reduces muscle stiffness, balance hormones, and much more.


Interested in signing up for this class? Our Escondido location will be teaching this course starting December 15th!

Our classes for the Fall are filling up, be sure to sign up quickly. Check here to see what courses are available for registration. 


Our Community of Healers

Becoming a student at Healing Hands is more than receiving a certification in massage therapy or holistic health. One of the unique aspects of our school is the community support behind every student. Even though your journey with us begins when you enroll, it does not end when you graduate.

Working in massage therapy means you heal others. At our school, we believe the best way to heal is through compassion and support. In order for our students to successfully heal their clients, they must experience healing themselves first. We take a holistic approach to our teachings so that our students can have a comprehensive learning experience that not only benefits their careers but their souls as well.

We provide our students with resources and experiences that further develop their knowledge and passion for holistic healing:

In Nature

Every year a two-day holistic living retreat is held for all students and alumni to attend. This event reminds the student that living a balanced and health-conscious life can foster a powerful state of well-being.

This retreat gives students the opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature and a community of like-minded Healers. This popular, Springtime retreat takes place in a beautiful natural setting located in the heart of an undeveloped canyon complete with fresh- water creek. With no modern conveniences to distract them, students are immersed in outdoor, holistic living.


Beyond the courses and exams, Healing Hands is online. Our active community on platforms such as Facebook gives our alumni and friends the chance to network from anywhere in the world. For those who have graduated from our school and have gone on to their dream careers, this is a great place for them to keep up with us.

“This program changed my life and the community this school has created has meant everything to me. They are there for you every step of the way to becoming a Massage Therapist which is no walk in the park.” – Mihaela Nedejde, Laguna Hills Alumni. We are constantly receiving support from old and new students.

Beyond Schooling

Because of the tight-knit group of healers we have established, opportunities for jobs are abundant. The support from our alumni is a continuous journey as people are constantly offering job opportunities for anyone interested.

The relationships we have cultivated with our partners has given our students the opportunity for successful job placements. After years of building great relationships with these businesses, we have been able to give our students the chance to work in different environments and help them evaluate what practices are best for them. Spas and healing facilities all around Southern California are filled with past Healing Hands students.


We encourage our students to dig deep into their own healing to understand how to heal others through the support of everyone around them. By modeling a more holistic approach to life, students help their clients re-discover their own innate power and ability for self-healing.

If you want to begin a new career with the love and care of a supportive community, schedule a tour at one of our three locations. 

Holistic Massage School – Fall Schedule Newsletter

Hello Healers,

In Fall’s magnificent abundance, we explore concepts of grace. What it is to be graceful? What it is to be grateful? We ask each student, each healer, at the beginning of every healing session, take a breath. Inhale this exquisite knowledge: by allowing you to practice the craft of massage therapy on their body, your client, your fellow student, your friend, your loved one, has given you the most sublime gift a person can give another. Trust. They trust you. Inhale this trust. When you exhale, exhale gratitude for this most wonderful gift. The gift they give you by allowing you to work with them.


When we hear the term ‘by grace of God’, we take that to mean that God is being generous to us. Gracias, graceful, grateful, gracious, is to be appreciative, to be thankful. When a person is graceful, they are at ease. They are pleasant to be with, easy on the eye, at ease in the world.


We thank you, the students, the teachers, the staff and all the helpers that make Healing Hands School happen. We thank the core instructors who gracefully blend the very best of inspiration, academics, body awareness, and class room structure. This ensures the students’ experience will accomplish the goal of learning a new skill, while the student simultaneously experiences receiving healing the student is seeking to facilitate in others.


Let us also recognize that for students to be in the classroom, our office angels diligently guide the student. From their first contact with Healing Hands, the perspective student is graciously welcomed. Over the next year, we advise on how to schedule their life, how to fund their tuition, how to schedule their family. The office angels help the student feel at ease before they have taken their first class and through out their time with us. How to help if the student gets sick? How to help Veterans receive the benefits they paid into? How to combine funding sources the students are entitled to? One of Healing Hands’ unique qualities is our office angels are, or were, Healing Hands students. We deeply know the students experience and are committed to gracefully guiding the student through the process to accomplish their goal of becoming professional healers.


Some of the many Fall courses we are grateful for include two new courses, two offered by a mentor and master, and two that bring us connection to the community around us. Claudia Baben presents ‘Table Thai’ which transfers some of the matt work of Thai Massage, to working on a massage table. Claudia also teaches the new course ‘Yoga Massage’. Learn to apply Yoga positioning and breathing techniques to release tension and open the recipient to greater flexibility and functionality. Talk about graceful! Guest instructor and author, Seymour Koblin, will lead us in Zen Touch and Body Reading.


In school Director Paula Curtiss’ Community Service Internship Program, Paula meets with our group of interns each week to guide the internship process.   Students elect to do their Clinical hours with specific population groups in our community. We have student healers working with professional athletes, in the spa industry, with chiropractors, in Sharp Hospitals Integrative Medicine Program, in the Free Integrative Wellness events each Thursday at AltHealthNet. Our student healers work with the most compromised of humanity in several hospice care environments, in skilled nursing facilities, with veterans recuperating from hospitalization, and with people recovering from alcohol and drug use. Paula is proud of the generous nature of student healers and looks forward to working with you.


Please join us as we congratulate our most recent Holistic Health Practitioner Graduates. Lauren Blackstone, Justin Cuevas, Jessica Dimarco, Christina Geno, Austin Healy, Marquita Hopkins-Carter, Alex Jenks, Maya Roche Landa, Leslie McClellan, Dominick McGriff-Dunk, Lyric Mendez, Danielle Mitchell, Angeline Pesca, Kelly Shott, and Leila White. You came to Healing Hands from various backgrounds, with some of life most difficult challenges. You have each worked diligently to graduate. We thank you that you choose Healing Hands School, that you trusted us. Your communities, your friends and families, your new work await you healing hands. We wish you the greatest of luck as you go out and heal the world!


We wish to deeply thank a long time Healing Hands School ally, Jeff Wise. Jeff and wife, Susan donated 12 brand new massage table to Healing Hands! This will allow us to use the older table at sporting events and keep the new tables protected from the outside environment. Graceful generosity at work. Jeff and Susan, we thank you for most kind and generous gift.


In Peace and Healing,

Paula & Neha


All of Us at Healing Hands



3 Reasons Pre-Natal Massage is Valuable

Pregnancy is a life-changing event that affects a woman’s physical body in many ways. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle aches and joint pain. This bodywork can also improve labor outcomes and newborn health through therapeutic movement.

Benefits of massage for pregnant women:

Decreased Stress and Anxiety

The journey of pregnancy is a beautiful process, but it can also be a stressful time. Especially for a first time mommy-to-be, anxious feelings of uncertainty can be overpowering and affect her health and that of the baby. Receiving massage during pregnancy not only affects the physical body, but the emotional health of the recipient as well. Massage therapy releases endorphins and helps reduce stress levels by soothing the nervous system. Therapeutic bodywork encourages relaxation by increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine, leaving both mom and baby feeling at ease.


Pain Relief

Most women experience different levels of pain during their nine months of pregnancy. As the baby grows and the body changes, women can experience discomfort in their muscles and joints. Massage therapy stretches the muscles and decreases the levels of discomfort as it allows for more movement in the body. This is a natural pain-reliever that even carries into labor and delivery.


Better Sleep

Sleep is crucial for the health of both mom and baby. Getting the right amount of rest every night before the baby comes is crucial, as many women get less sleep once the baby is born. Pre-natal massage promotes good quality sleep, which strengthens the immune system. This bodywork induces calm feelings, allowing the recipient to rest. Giving the body a break through massage therapy helps moms refocus and develop good sleeping habits.


Every pregnancy experience varies, but massage therapy can benefit all. The feelings pregnant women experience may transfer to the baby, so taking care of their physical and mental state will positively affect those nine months of constant change and growth.


Want to serve pregnant women in your practice?

Our class, Pre-Natal Massage, focuses on how to work with the rapidly changing female body during the nine months of pregnancy. In this course, students will be given guidelines for positioning the pregnant client, and learn how to address contraindicated areas. Through lecture, demonstration and lots of hands-on practice, students will gain the knowledge to facilitate a completely safe and deeply therapeutic pregnancy massage.

We strive to give our students the education and experience needed to heal any type of client. Explore our variety of courses here





Healing Hands: A Unique School Experience

Becoming a massage therapist at Healing Hands means more than practicing bodywork and learning anatomy. We strive to make your time with us meaningful as you join our community of healers.

As a student here, you will be supported in every way possible on your journey towards getting your certification.

Our support reaches beyond the classroom and into the personal lives of our students. The holistic compassion each instructor possesses reflects our devotion to each student discovering their potential as professional healers.

CFO and Co-Director, Paula, explains what a student can expect as a result of beginning their journey with us:

“So when you become certified as a Massage Therapist, you go out into the field, and you make a living doing a job you love.”

“Waking up in the morning and thinking ‘I wonder who I’m going to work on today. I wonder if it’s going to be a day where I’m going to have a lot of bad left knees to work on. That pregnant woman I worked on last week- I wonder how she’s feeling today.”

Massage therapists experience something different every time they work. No days are ever the same, which is what makes the career so exciting. By implementing genuine care for each patient, the job holds great meaning and value for each person.

Paula adds, “And you have that care for the job you’re doing, but it’s because you actually care for the people that you’re working on. And that really starts here. It starts by the care that a person coming to Healing Hands who’s just looking at us for the first time- we always want to take care of you.”

By showing compassion to our students, we hope that they can provide that same care for their clients.

“You are our customer; you’re our student –but we’re going to be with you for a year. You’re going to be experiencing what it’s like for fellow students to work on your body, as well as listening to what’s going on in your challenges in your life. Your instructors have many, many years of experience guiding you through what it’s going to be like to be a student here at Healing Hands.”

Healing Hands offers a unique experience for students, a holistic approach to learning.

“And we hope that when you leave the school, you never really leave. You continue to come back.”

Our Healing Hands community does not just include our current students, but also alumni that have been involved as far back as when the school began 20+ years ago.

The support you receive from instructors and peers does not stop when you graduate. We are constantly helping one another by posting job openings and any other opportunities that someone could benefit from. It’s a lifelong relationship that is special to only our school.


Learn more information about our Massage Therapy Program here