Holistic Massage School – Winter Schedule Newsletter

Hello Healers,

Happy New Year, 2018! We look back on a wonderful year of healing and growth and welcome a new year of potential and hope.

Chakra Balancing, Hot Stone, and so much more!

Our new classroom location in San Diego continues to grow! Our variety of Holistic Health Practitioner courses exemplify the scope of holistic education for which Healing Hands School is renown.  Our Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage course teaches the anatomy and hands on skills needed when working with every aspect of repetitive stress, whether you are a San Diego Socker player or a Weekend Warrior. The Chakra Balancing course  refocuses internal energy, Somatic teaches movement therapy, Hot Stone is a delicious course for mid-Winter, and Lymph Drainage Massage tunes and tonifies the immune system. Our Escondido location continues to flourish offering five 100 hour courses in the Massage Therapy Program as well as the full Principals and 10 Sessions of Structural Organization. In Laguna Hills, we present the Massage Therapy program, as well as the Reiki and Spiritual Healing courses, the 100 hours NeuroMuscular Therapy course, and the comprehensive Holistic Nutrition course. Please see the schedule for the full array of courses offered this quarter.

Congratulations Holistic Health Practitioner Graduates!!!

Congratulations to our latest Holistic Health Practitioner graduates: Julia  Alvarado, Teddie V. Andrade, Tacita Archambault, Connie Bond, Philolus Barbara  Coward, Alexandra Dexter, Devon M. DiBona, Molly G. Ferrall, Jennifer Gonzalez, Gloria Gonzalez- Calderon, Teri Haley, Sophia  Karam, Ana Lazetic, Kimberly Lynne Minzlaff, Shervin Modir, Carlie Nagy, Anita Razo, Sokhim Ricard, Estefani Salas, Janet (Lythia) Sanchez, Diana Shriver, Nathaniel Tong, Felipe de Jesus Tovar, Gordon Tucker, and Ben Walder. Each student brings their unique life experiences to Healing Hands School. When we first meet you, we know so little about you. Where are you from? What did you do before you came to us? What led you to Healing Hands School?   Working with each of you affords us the opportunity to know you as dedicated students, and as devoted healers. Thank you for choosing Healing Hands School for your training. We look forward to hearing of you success and sharing your story.

Shannon Gonzales

Dr. Shannon Gonzales

Each year we choose one teacher from our faculty of master teachers, to be honored as our Healing Hands Teacher of the Year. As with all our students, when we first met Shannon Gonzales, we knew little of her. Shannon came to us in 2004. We knew Shannon as an earnest student, dedicated to perfecting on her hands on skills. We also came to know Shannon as a woman working on her inner energy. To describe Shannon is to describe a woman of inner strength and deep faith in the healing process. Shannon finished her Holistic Health Practitioner program at Healing Hands School in 2005, and began teaching in 2006. Shannon’s thirst for understanding healing led her to study Traditional Oriental Medicine where she became a Certified Acupuncturist. It is this dedication to understanding the power of inner healing and her faith in the healing process that are a wellspring of inspiration for her students. Shannon, it has been truly wonderful to see your growth from a beginning student at Healing Hands School blossom into the master teacher you have become. Congratulations Shannon Gonzales, Healing Hands Teacher of the Year!

The New Year is often showed as a new baby. This year, Healing Hands School staff welcomed new babies to Teo and Blueray, and Shannon and Kenny. Welcome Amelia and Eli and all the new babies of the year!

We wish you peace in this New Year. May your health, your happiness and your homes overflow with love and joy.

Paula and Neha

and All of Us at Healing Hands School

Holistic Massage School Fall News Letter

Hello Healers,

Since 1993, Healing Hands School of Holistic Health has provided one of the most comprehensive, heart centered holistic massage therapy certification programs in the United States. Our teachers and staff are all trained healers. We want nothing more than to help our students accomplish their goals of becoming healers in their communities. Please see the Fall schedule which is full of wonderful courses in all 3 locations: Laguna Hills, Escondido and San Diego.

We are honored to be the learning institution that thousands of students chose for the 500 hour Massage Therapy certification program. Now, after 25 years, we have decided to add another 100 hours to this fulfilling and successful program. Our Massage Therapy program will continue with the core courses of Circulatory Massage and Anatomy for Bodyworkers. We will continue to offer a choice of 3 out of the 4 of: Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage, Tui Na Acupressure, Deep Tissue Manipulations, and/or Shiatsu. The additional 100 hours includes 50 hours of ‘Professional Practice’ and 50 hours ‘Clinical Massage’. Our Massage Therapy students are serious about entering the work force. We feel that adding clinic time and increasing focus on the industry’s professionalism, including preparation for state examination, will help our Massage Therapy graduates feel more confident as they re-enter their communities as professional healers. 

Please join us as we congratulate our most recent Holistic Health Practitioner graduates, this unique group: Roxanne Busch, Jason Coker, Beth Cooper, Josiah Devin, Queen Findlater, Karin Fuentes Fajardo, Tori Hall, Michael Larsen, Kristin Manon, Anna Perez, Kelly Petersen, Tiffany Smith, Susan Spunt, and Grayson Wolf. You are bringing your healing gifts to the wider world around you, be that your church, your dance group, your office, your family, your clients. It has been a pleasure to work with you, to see you learn and grow, and we look forward to hearing of your new adventures in healing. Please STAY IN TOUCH!

We also wish to celebrate a hearty hello to Amanda Gleason. Amanda joins our office staff in our Financial Aid department to address the nuts and bolts of the many ways students can use funding to make their career dreams come true. Amanda has several years of experience working in Financial Aid. She is currently an enrolled student in Healing Hands School. Amanda is also the Mom of twin 3-year-old girls. She’s the perfect fit: curious, open minded, helpful and organized. Amanda is looking forward to helping Healing Hands students with all aspects of tuition financing.

And with gratitude and singleness of heart, we wish a fond fare-thee-ever-so-well to our lovely Mina Robinson. Mina first came to Healing Hands in 2007. Her dream was to become a great healer, and that she did. She found that by working both as a holistic health practitioner and as a Healing Hands Office Angel, she could help both the body and soul. Mina’s personality is a combination of warmth and attention to detail, which has been perfect for helping students understand their financial aid opportunities and obligations. Mina is a dynamo of good energy, ready to take on any task to accomplish the goals of success, peace and healing. Working with Mina these past 5 years has been a true pleasure. Mina, we know your intelligence, your kindness, your diligence, your fun-loving nature will serve you and your community wherever you go, and whatever you do. We thank you, we will miss you and we wish you the greatest success on all you do.

Thank you, teachers, staff, students and community, for your continued support of Healing Hands School and of heart centered holistic health education.

In Peace,

Paula and Neha & All of Us and Healing Hands School



Hello Spring!! A letter to you from Paula & Neha Curtiss

Hello Healers,

Happy Spring! 400 years ago, William Shakespeare wrote one of his most often quoted lines: ‘Above all else, to thine own self, be true.’ Healing Hands strives to help the student of holistic health to learn their new skills, while also encouraging the student, the teacher and the school, to stay true to your vision. This Spring we again offer a wide spectrum of holistic health topics. Healing Hands students design their own focus for their holistic health education. We thank our wonderful teachers for bringing your wide variety of holistic health expertise to our program including the Holistic Living Retreat, Energywork for Bodyworkers,  Chakra Balancing, Sports Massage, Anatomy for Bodyworkers and Neuromuscular Therapy. The student of holistic health has much to explore at Health Hands School. This Spring,  Chris Harmon’s ‘On-site Bodywork for the Athlete’ teaches  how to manipulate the tissue and triggerpoints for pre-event and post event work. Perla Pintado returns to bring us her Chakra Balancing class. Richard Jordan presents CranioSacral Therapy and Somatics. Ray Fecteau offers Sports Injuries and NeuroMuscular Therapy. For those who wish to learn healing techniques in a natural setting, we invite you to come the Annual Holistic Living Retreat. Held over Easter weekend, we invite you to come camping with us under the big oak trees, play in the creek, sleep under the stars, and experience workshops and lessons away from the distractions of modern conveniences.

It is with a deep and abiding love that we congratulate our latest Holistic Health Practitioner graduates. This list includes very special healers who have had many unique challenges. As we look forward to hearing of the healing work you are about to accomplish, we take this time to recognize the healing work you have done to bring you here, your graduation as a Holistic Health Practitioner. We wish you the very best in your personal healing as well as the highest success as you enter into this profession. Great job  Matthew Alduenda, Tashena Marie Auld, Keila Baca, Cecilia Baeza, Rachel Bender, Robyn Benjamin, Melissa Castro, Irina Degtyareva, Rebecca Deroest, Ellena Dien, Nicholas Duran, Emily Foster, Beth Ann Swift, CJ Harper, Elise Henderickson, Christian Hernandez, Whitney Hollison, Jane Howells, Cassandra Huff, Audra Kelly, Marissa Larry, Ian Losey, Camille Mackey, Christal Maxedon, Claire McCarthy, Veronica Miles, Christopher Morgan, Rose Mulder, AnnMarie Newton, Janna Lee Novell, Sarah Phillips, Richard Powell, Itzayana Ramirez, Katherine Salerno, Angela Salinardi, Kathleen Schraiber, Adam Van De Bovenkamp, Elizabeth Vasquez, Tawnya Wallinder, and Daniel White.

This Winter a new little soul joined the Healing Hands tribe. Congratulations to our Office Angel Brandon as he and Aubrey welcome their lovely daughter, Juniper to their family.

We also wish to share our support for Tawnya in her time of grief. May healing come to you in the fullness of time. Our hands and hearts are here for you, whenever you need us.

May Peace Bring its Blessing to All,


Paula and Neha and All of Us at Healing Hands

Holistic Massage School Newsletter – Summer 2015

Hello Healers,

Summer of 2015 finds Massage Therapy more integrated in the American experience than ever before. The Healing Hands School clinics see more clients each week. During our On-Site Therapy course we visited 5 different facilities which are ready for our student interns. Our job placement board has more jobs posted than our graduates can fill. At Healing Hands School, we are so happy that we can teach very practical hands on skills, and yet stay true to our lineage of holistic health. Each staff member, teachers, and student adviser is a healer. We are dedicated to continuing our mission of bringing a comprehensive experience of holistic health to all our students. 

This Summer, we have a new class in our elective line-up: James Beard’s Introduction to Breathwork. James teaches several breathwork techniques which can be integrated into your massage practice. James teaches how to use the breath as a healing tool. In Laguna Hills, Shana Lipner’s Herbal Studies course is condensed to twice a week, and we welcome Shannon Gonzales back from her maternity focus to once again bring us her Energywork for Bodyworkers. In Escondido, Claudia Baben and Jennifer Peterson will teach LomiLomi Hawaiian Massage. Jennifer Johnson, owner of the Hideaway Spa at the Marriott, will teach Massage as a Business.

Please celebrate with us as we congratulate our latest Holistic Health Practitioner graduates: Justyne Carnes, Angela Carnes, Gabriella Davis, Gina Ferrera, Brittany Huggins, Jessica Kolleda Osborn, Dawn McCadden, Anneka Preston, Moises Reynoso, Wendy Taylor, Robert Thomas II. You are a beautiful and unique group of diverse healers comprised of 2 new parents, a professional drummer, a bicyclist therapist, and a U.S. Marine veteran. You came to Healing Hands with open minds and strong convictions. It has been wonderful to work with each of you. We are truly excited to hear how your healing path will unfold before you. Good work awaits your healing hands.

With the warmth of Summer ripening around us, we wish all peace and health,

Paula & Neha
All of us at Healing Hands

Summer 2015 schedule: http://healinghandsschool.com/schedule-massage-therapy.php

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