Grad Success Stories

Philip Gregory

Phillip GregorySports Massage and Holistic Health Practitioner working in a Chiropractic Office

Philip completed the Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) program in one year in 2012-2013. Just 300 hours into the 1,000-hour program, he was employed at a chiropractic office as a massage therapist, helping patients experience the healing power of massage.

“The teachers and staff at Healing Hands are unrivaled in their individual skills,” says Philip. Before starting school he compared curriculums and claimed that he could not find a more flexible and professional experience at a cost he found was as much as $5,000 less than some competing schools.

Philip is originally from Florida, and lives and works there now, but is still in contact with most of his teachers, fellow students and staff from Healing Hands. The relationships he built while studying at Healing Hands are a vital part of his life today.

Angela Zayas

Holistic Health Practitioner

Veteran and Navy Corpsman

Angela ZayasAfter completing her service with the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, Angie moved across the country from North Carolina and was unsure about her next step. She found acclimating to civilian life daunting – in a new home with no certain future she drew on her familiarity with Holistic medicine and applied at Healing Hands. Angie credits the principles of Holistic medicine for saving her life, the lives of loved ones and even her dog!

Angie sees no coincidence in her arrival at Healing Hands. The universe was moving her toward her next journey. She found that Healing Hands accepted the G.I. Bill to cover the cost of her studies, making her amazing year of study possible.

“Your peers become your best friends, your teachers become your mentors – who allow you to be you – and the staff becomes your family,” says Angie.  It’s this very family that helped her overcome the hardships of that transitional year and gave her the strength to complete her 1,000 hours. 

Angie now works independently and is exploring additional training in herbal medicine and nutrition, as well as completing her Bachelors Degree.  Angie plans to complete a Naturopathic Medicine degree and establish a non-profit holistic healing facility for veterans.

Healing Hands, and the people she connected with at the school, are a blessing in her life that moved her forward. Now Angie helps other connect with the healing modalities learned here.

Alex Young

Alex Young

Alex originally took the typical college route, but found his studies were not satisfying. While eating lunch one day between classes, a brochure for Healing Hands caught his attention. Massage therapy was not new to Alex – his mom and other family members were massage therapists, but he had never considered pursuing the healing arts until now. A tour of the Escondido campus and interaction with several graduates of Healing Hands left Alex certain about his pursuit of holistic health education.

Alex pursued his training at Healing Hands, but found more than just certification for a new career. He found connection to teachers and fellow students. He discovered healing in his own life – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The personal attention and relationships he built impacted his life far beyond what he expected.

Since graduating from Healing Hands, Alex has worked at an alternative healing medical facility. He works with patients with a wide variety of health challenges – from losing weight to fighting cancer. He also maintains a private practice with a large clientele from Los Angeles to San Diego. Alex also enjoys traveling around the world, and has spent time in Thailand, Spain and Hawaii, participating in retreats and providing massage therapy to fellow participants. He strives to replicate the exemplary training he got at Healing Hands by helping others to take charge of their own health and wellness.