You have successfully completed your Massage Therapy Certificate, or Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate!  Congratulations!  Here are some resources to help you finish up your program requirements, find a job, and get you into your new career path!

Graduate Perks:

There are some wonderful perks to being a graduate at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health!

  • Lifetime qualification for Job Opportunity email list
  • Lifetime Resume and Interview help 
  • Lifetime Discount for HHP: if you graduate HHP, you get to take classes at your HHP rate for the rest of your life!
    • In order to qualify for the discount you need to pay for and enroll by the prepaid date, 2 weeks before class starts

Massage Therapy Certifications, Licensing, and Insurance:  Includes Frequently Asked questions about licensing and insurance and provides some step by step processes

Career Services:  Includes a Resume workbook, request to be put on the Job Opportunity email list, and a way to Share your story with us!

Continuing Education: If you are a graduate, or you are coming from outside the school, there are plenty of CEU classes to choose from.