Massage Therapist Program

Your Massage Therapist Journey Begins Here

Student clinicYour journey to become a massage therapist in California begins here. Our Massage Therapist Program will prepare you to be a state certified Massage Therapist in California, and to allow you to pursue the rewarding career of your dreams.

Our graduates touch every corner of the Massage Therapy industry, enjoying a wide variety of careers that started with their training in massage therapy at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. From working with athletes, to managing spas to the clinical settings of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and doctors’ offices – we’ve trained over 7,000 therapists who now work in these fulfilling environments.

Massage Therapist Program – 600 hours

At the completion of our 600 hour Massage Therapist training, you will be proficient in all of the essential massage modalities, and gain the additional skills needed to build a successful career.

The program will prepare you with:

  • Fundamental knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Body Mechanic Training: how to use your body correctly so that you have a long and healthy career
  • Hands-on training under the supervision of our highly skilled Instructors.  See Our Staff!
  • The ability to communicate effectively with your clients, assessing their needs and helping them reach their health goals
  • Tools to build an professional career

Massage Therapy Courses

  • Required : Circulatory Massage – 100 hours
  • Required : Anatomy for Body-workers – 100 hour
  • Required : Business & Professional Practices – 50 hour
  • Required : Clinical Practicum for the Massage Therapist – 50 hour
  • Choose 3:
    • Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage – 100 hour
    • Deep Tissue Manipulations – 100 hour
    • Shiatsu & Oriental Healing Techniques – 100 hour
    • Tui Na: Chinese Massage Techniques – 100 hour

Tuition for the 600-hour Massage Therapist Program is $7,800

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