Massage Therapy Certifications, Licensing, and Insurance

Congratulations!  You have graduated! Now Time to get a job!  But first, you need to get licensed and insured!

Massage Therapy Certifications, Licensing, Insurance and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get licensed in California?

First, understand that what most people call a license is actually a state certification.  In the field of massage there are multiple types of certifications.  There is the school certification, a state certification, and a national certification.  

Healing Hands School certifies training.  The school certification is typically the 500 hour Massage Therapist or 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner Certification, but can also be individual courses.  This is useful to show what someone has learned and from whom, proving they are equipped to handle the job situation of their choice.  Healing Hands graduates are  the most highly demanded therapists in Orange County and San Diego County because of the exceptional training they received and the array of modalities at their disposal.  As a graduate, it can be quite fun to show off your knowledge to a potential employer!

Anyone receiving continued education units may also receive a certificate for individual courses. 

The CAMTC, or California Massage Therapy Council, is the state certifying entity in California.  They issue a Massage Therapy Certification at 500 hours.  This is what most people refer to as a license.  See Steps to receiving your CAMTC certification, and visit for more information.  

How do I get certified to work in a different state?

If you plan on leaving California check with the state you will be going to see what their requirements are.  Different states have different requirements in order to work as a massage therapist.  Requirements can include; hours needed, testing, background checks, ect.  If you have already been certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage (aka the Nationals) this can often take the place of a state test.  However it is still up to the state for which you are applying.  You can check out individual states using this link:

What are the Nationals?  How do I get them?

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworkers (aka the Nationals) changed their name too: Board Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. This is an additional certificate that helps prove your worth as a massage therapist.   Most employers do not request this.  However, therapists with this certification can sometimes request greater pay, or is considered more qualified because of this certification.  Most of our staff teachers have this certification, and we highly encourage the additional certificate for our graduates.  In states where a test is necessary to receive a license this can often take the place of sitting for an additional exam.  You need 750 hours in a school and 250 working hours to take this exam.  Go to for more information.

How do I get insured?

There are different massage therapist insurance agencies.  We are partnered with ABMP, Associate Bodywork & Massage Professionals, because of their advocacy for holistic health in the community.  They also offer some of the best full-coverage insurance plan plus other career building member benefits.  Go to  to check them out.  If you sign up, our referral number is 133236

Why do I need insurance?

Insurance covers you in case someone gets hurt while receiving a massage, or after a massage.  Most employers require that you have insurance, or insurance is included in the job.  *Please note that some modalities, like Hot Stone, are not covered under most Insurance agency’s unless you have taken the class at a qualified school.  (That means that if a spa trains you, your insurance will not cover you)  So be careful with what employers ask you to do!  Make sure you are covered!

How do I find out about jobs and potential employers?

We typically receive 3-5 job postings per week, these jobs range from part-time, full-time and touch on every field within massage.  If you are interested in seeing the postings you can click here to sign up on our Job Opportunity Email List!