New Students

New students at tableWe are always happy to welcome new students to our programs and the Healing Hands family!
On our website you will find step-by-step guidance and information about our enrollment process.

  • New Student Enrollment 
    Step by Step plan for enrolling at Healing Hands School.
  • Tuition: Healing Hands School posts Tuition so that students can have a clear understanding of their Financial Investment 
  • Federal Student Aid (FSA): Frequently asked questions for how to apply for FSA and what that means while you are enrolled at Healing Hands School
  • Special Funding lists a variety of 3rd party financial aid that is not FSA.  
    • We also have a separate page just for Veterans explaining all the different types of Veterans Benefits that they may be eligible for
  • Payment Plans: allows our prospective students get an idea for what an in-house payment plan are like.
  • Foreign Student Info
    At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, we welcome international students to our programs. Prior to class enrollment, international students are required to fill out documents and send them in (in English) along with their application.
  • Scholarships & Non-Tuition Aid: Resources for helping students while they are in school beyond tuition.