Materials Fees

Course Materials Amount Notes
Massage Therapy Program: Circulatory, Deep Tissue, Adv. Circulatory & Sports Massage $65 ABMP Exam Coach – must be purchased on first day of MT course
Advanced Herbal Formulations $80  
Aromatherapy $35  
Ayurvedic Massage $20 Please bring: 2 sets of massage sheets, 2-4 hand towels, crock pot if you have one.
Chakra Balancing $20  
CranioSacral Therapy I $15  
CranioSacral Therapy II $10  
Energetic Bodywork $20  
Herbal Healing and Massage $35  
Herbal Preparations Workshop $50  
Herbal Studies & Applications $100 *Always note field trips
Herbal Thai Massage $40  Bring: 1 towel, 2 small hand towels, sheets that may be stained
Holistic Living Retreat $30 Get the flyer in the office. Children are free!
Holistic Nutrition $40  
Hot Stone $30  
Lomi Lomi $7  
Lymph Drainage  $10  Optional – includes book written by instructor
Reflexology Chart $16.16  Optional; considered Equipment purchase. $16.16 for stand up chart including tax. $26.94 for big poster (including tax)
Spa Techniques $45 Please bring 2 large bath towels, 3 sets of sheets, medium sized cooler, and blanket
Super-foods & Dietary Practices $40  

Thai Massage

  Please bring Shiatsu mat (if available), 1 flat sheet, 1 towel and pillows.

Thai Foot Massage

Traditional Oriental Clinical Tech $60  
Trigger Point Therapy  

Required Equipment: Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, Theracane, Lacrosse Ball 
Optional: Knobble

Revised 9/14/17