Healing Hands Payment Plans

Staff member working at a computerWe offer payment plans!  

Tuition for the Massage Therapy Program for 600 hours is $7,800.

Tuition for the Holistic Health Practitioner Program for 1000 hours is $13,000.

To qualify for the Massage Therapy or Holistic Health Practitioner payment plan, you start with $250 On-Time deposit plus your first monthly payment. This is due two weeks before your first class (the registration date).

Our Payment Plan works like this:

Massage Therapy – 600 hours  Monthly pymt + $250 On-time (1st payment)  Monthly Payments Hours of class time per quarter
 Part-time $800 $550 100 hours (1 class)
Accelerated Part-time $1,050 $800 200 hours (2 classes)
Full-time $1350 $1,100 300 hours (3 classes)
HHP – 1000 hours Monthly pymt + $250 On-time (1st payment) Monthly Payments Hours of class time per quarter
Part-time $800 $550 125 hours or less
Accelerated Part-time $1,050 $800 126 – 166 hours
Full-time $1,100 $1,350 167 – 250 hours

Your consecutive monthly payments are timed so that your payments and your classes will finish at approximately the same time. Your $250 On-time deposit is refundable as long as you graduate on time. ‘Hours of class time per quarter’ is subject to Administrative approval.

There is a discount for a program paid in full. For Massage Therapy the paid in full price is $7,200. For the Holistic Health Practitioner the paid in full price is $12,000.

Graduate Perk: All students who Graduate as a Holistic Health Practitioner can take any Continued Education Units (CEU’s) at the rate of their program!  In other words, you get your program rate FOR LIFE!!! The only rule is you must pay for the class 2 weeks before the class starts!