Scholarships & Non-Tuition Aid


At Healing Hands we will accept any scholarship that a student may receive.  Here are some resources:Student asking a question

  • Tribal Grant Scholarships: Native Americans may qualify for a scholarship through their tribe.  Contact your tribe to see if they can help you with school.
  • Herman H. Dirksen Scholarship: $1,000 scholarship awarded to up to 10 San Diego County residents.  This scholarship can be used for trade schools like Healing Hands School. For more information go here:

Non-tuition aid

Resources that if you qualify, will help you with non-tuition expenses:  

  • Welfare-to-Work; program participants may be eligible for help with child care, transportation, and work-related or training-related expenses. Moreover, participants who find a job and are no longer eligible for welfare may continue to receive help with medical care and child care expenses.  If you qualify, Welfare-to-Work can help pay for school materials and supplies, but not tuition.
  • CalWorks Child Care Program: The purpose of this program is to help a family transition smoothly from the immediate, short-term child care needed as the parent starts work or work activities to the stable, long-term child care necessary for the family to live and remain off aid.  

For Young Adults

  • Build Futures
    A group who helps young adults 18 – 24 years old, they provide assistance with housing, phones, bus passes and related resources with the goal of self-sufficiency for the young adult.  or go here:  and send them a message.
    Phone 714-907-7358  they are located in Huntington Beach but are not limited to that area.

For Adults from Foster Programs

  • California Chafee Grant for Foster Youth: Free money for foster youth for college or career training.  To apply go to:
  • The Teen Project
    To provide teens aging out of the foster care system with all of the resources and support of an intact family. To allow the greatest opportunity for a successful transition to adulthood. 
    If you need some resources to get you by (housing), you can contact the following group:  or call them at 1-888-4-TEENHOME
    Donations are greatly appreciated – please contact the teen project if you would like to help.

Please contact us with any additional resources you may know of!