Student Testimonials from Healing Hands School of Holistic Health

  • Student practicing massage techniques“How wonderful and helpful is a massage, and to do this with respect and passion and with all your heart!” – San Diego, CA
  • “I’ve learned that we all have different bodies and we all need to be touched by people who accept us how we are. We really do help people feel better.” – Irvine, CA
  • “It was really fun and I’ve made a lot of friends. I feel very equipped to do massage and can’t wait to take more classes. Thank you!” – Laguna Hills, CA
  • “At Healing Hands I feel support and inspiration, that I am helped to achieve personal goals in an environment open enough to create paths.” – Long Beach, CA
  • “Dear Neha and Paula Curtiss, and everyone at Healing Hands,
                 Thank you from the depths of my soul. Your school equipped me to begin doing the most satisfying and fulfilling work I’ve ever done. It has been challenging physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and the learning never stops. 
                 Paula, you taught me that massage is sacred and it is as though you and Neha and the Healing Hands teachers are working with me still. I’ve written you letters of thanks in the past and I wrote you a review on Yelp, but no matter how I try, words can’t embody the fullness and the riches of life you and your school have given me.  When a client comes back to me and says, ‘You helped me so much,” as one did last Tuesday, or writes on a tip envelope ‘You changed everything for me,” they remind me that those are the words I am to say to you. Just finding my people, my tribe, when I had given up hope at age 43 and had resigned myself to being alone in this world, thinking I must be the only one – what an immeasurable gift. Thank you for providing the place and the space.  Thank you for setting the bar so very high for what a massage school and a business can do in this world. Thank you for being a bright light where we are able to find ourselves.
                I pray Healing Hands will continue forever to share with our world what has been shared with me, to the highest good all ways, through the Christ, Amen.
                With love and gratitude” -Ardith Bergeron, LMT
  • “My education experience at Healing Hands was extremely positive. I was able to finish my program in a timely fashion and secure employment even before I was completely finished. The journey after Healing Hands has led me to a 16 year relationship with Burke Williams as a therapist and a manager.  I also enjoyed work on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean due to my massage training. And becoming a licensed acupuncturist is a direct result of my initial exposure to alternative therapies at your school. Thank you Healing Hands!” -Richard Bishop, LMT,LAc
  • “I began attending Healing Hands in 2011, which proved to be a very pivotal year in my life. Like most therapists, I had decided to go back to school to embrace and strengthen my abilities being a healer for others, but in this time I was the one who needed healing the most.  Just a year prior, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that wreaked havoc on my personal life. I was in and out of the hospital for recurrent surgeries while attending HH. The instructors I had were so helpful in not only educating me as a quality therapist, but also in educating me in self healing practices so I didn’t lose my resolve. All of my instructors were so crying and compassionate, I often look back to how much they had been beacons of light for me in a time of darkness – and for that I am extremely grateful. ” -Orange County, CA
  •          “I am grateful for Healing Hands which prepared me with a solid foundation on the skills and attitude to build my massage therapy career. Besides the classes, I loved the down to earth atmosphere, sitting and learning on the floor, Tai Chi and Chi Gong exercises and frequent visits to Baja Fish Tacos 🙂
               I loved the variety of classes offered which is helping me get more $$. I recently gave my 3,000th massage at the spa.  When I work on clients I always remember what Paula said: ‘you are not just massaging the body; you are massaging entire history of the person.’ It makes me grateful and appreciative of the opportunity with a stranger in the most vulnerable form.
               Call me anytime you need bodies for the clinic. I need massage the most!” -Yasuko Kawamura, LMT  
  • “I love this course very much. This school has great techniques, instructors, and environment.” – Escondido, CA
  • “This course changes my perspective on human ability and the untapped potential that lies within everyone. It has changes the way I live my life. I love this school and can’t wait to start learning more.” – San Diego, CA
  • “The teachers are so supportive. When I asked what may seem like a silly question, she would reassure and totally support us in learning. They respect us totally.” – Mission Viejo, CA
  • “I finally found what I love to do more so my purpose in this life and it feels totally cool to share it with people around me.” – Oceanside, CA
  • “Thank you, all of you for your generous hearts and for being the doors into the world of the body.” – San Diego, CA
  • “Ray (Instructor) as always is an example of the best of the best. His classes are always eye opening. It makes me happy to be a massage therapist that can create change.” – Orange, CA
  • “Healing Hands instructors are excellent communicators and obviously have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.” – Torrance, CA
  • “I loved this class! (Reflexology) I absolutely did not want to miss one hour of it. Denise is awesome!” – Carlsbad, CA
  • “Thank you for being such an amazing school. Love ya!” – Costa Mesa, CA
  • “Looking forward to other classes here!” – Del Mar, CA

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