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Course Schedule for Summer 2018 (All Locations)

Circulatory Massage Courses in Escondido

Massage Therapy Courses in Escondido

  • Professional Practices (course description)

    50 hours

    Sundays 10a - 4p; Wednesdays 6 - 10p

    July 8 - August 8

    Notes: MBLEx Study Guide & ABMP Exam Coach both used

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  • Community Service Internship (course description)

    50 hours

    Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30

    July 18 - October 3

    Notes: First class, July 18th, goes from 3:30 - 5:30p. No class August 1 & August 29

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  • Anatomy For Bodyworkers (course description)

    100 hours

    Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30a - 3p

    August 3 - October 3

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  • Deep Tissue Manipulation (course description)

    100 hours

    Tuesdays & Thursdays 9a - 3p

    August 7 - October 2

    Notes: Last class ends at 1pm

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  • Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage (course description)

    100 hours

    Sundays 10a - 5p; Wednesdays 6 - 10p

    August 12 - October 7

    Notes: TBD: Sporting Event

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  • Shiatsu (course description)

    100 hours

    Mondays 9a - 5p

    August 20 - November 12

    Notes: Last class ends at 1p

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  • Professional Practices (course description)

    50 hours

    Register by
    September 21, 2018

    Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30a - 3p

    October 5 - November 2

    Notes: MBLEx Study Guide & ABMP Exam Coach required

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Circulatory Massage Courses in Laguna Hills

Massage Therapy Courses in Laguna Hills

HHP Elective Courses in Laguna Hills

New Courses in Laguna Hills

Circulatory Massage Courses in San Diego

Massage Therapy Courses in San Diego

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