WIOA – Get a Grant for Massage Tuition!

You are unemployed or under-employed & want to go to Healing Hands…

What’s next?

This Graduate received a WIOA grant and combined it with Federal Student Aid to pay for the Holistic Health Practitioner Program. She now works at a Hospital in the Women’s health as a Certified Massage Therapist.

You may qualify for California Training Benefits Program if you are unemployed or can prove need.  The Employment Development Department (EDD) helps to determine your eligibility and assigns a type of training you are authorized for.  Healing Hands participates in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which can provide a grant towards your Massage Therapist or Holistic Health Practitioner tuition. 

We are registered on CALJOBS and the ETPL under Healing Hands School.   

Steps to receive WIOA aid:

  • To get started:
    1. In Orange County go to a One Stop Center for a WIOA Orientation: http://oconestop.com/calendar/. Register for the workshop by emailing the address provided at the top of the calendar. Email changes based on location.
    2. In Escondido: Register on Caljob.ca.gov . Then physically go to an ‘Introduction to Services Workshop’. Go to: www.northcountycareerservices.com.  Click on the Escondido calendar for date/time.  Bring a photo ID and Social Security card when you go.
    3. In San Diego contact a Career Center and make an appointment to see a Career Counselor: http://workforce.org/job-centers
    4. In Riverside contact a Career Center and make an appointment to see a Career Counselor: http://www.rivcoworkforce.com/AboutUs/Locations.aspx
  • Be assigned a counselor:
    1. Your counselor helps you put together a package convincing the county that you are justified in re-training benefits.  Be nice to them!
  • To qualify, either: The industry you are coming from has to be in decline OR you need to show that the training will greatly improve your life.
  • Your counselor will give you homework to complete. Do your homework.
    1. You will be asked for letters of recommendation, and provide a plan for supporting yourself while you are in school. You may be asked to take paperwork to Healing Hands for us to fill out. Your counselor will guide you.
  • We write a proposal letter with your start date, end date, cost of program, what program you are taking, ect. This is included with your package. 
  • Submit your package to the county board – wait for approval. Be aware that sometimes approval comes the day before class starts SO…..
  • Complete your Enrollment package at Healing Hands School while you wait for approval!
  • Depending on each person and industry this entire process can take 2 weeks – 3 months

Amount of WIOA Grant you qualify for is based on where you live:

San Diego County will approve $5,000 or $7,000 toward either program.

Orange County will approve up to $10,000 toward either program.

Riverside will approve $8,000 toward either program.

If you would like to do the 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) program, you are REQUIRED to apply for Federal Student Aid (FSA). 
We highly encourage students to combine you FSA award with your WIOA grant to get your holistic health tuition covered!